Less is more.

I personally believe that sometimes, A CHANGE IN/OF PERSPECTIVE (in all aspects) is all we need to have a life that is TRULY  a meaningful one.

♫♪ A little bit of this, a little bit of that ♫♪ Exactly how our New Year’s Eve Celebration went. A little of everything but abundant in all. Just a month ago, my husband and I were thinking of attending a New Year Countdown Dinner Buffet at a certain place. But the plan changed just a few days before New Year’s Eve. A simpler plan took place. And so glad we did change the original one. And instead, the whole family took part in tidying up  the house a day before New Year. Each one had an assignment. My eldest son mopped the floor, our youngest dusted the furniture, hubby cleaned the pantry while me and my daughter did the cooking. And the rest of the day was just a relaxing time for everyone. The whole family attended the midnight mass, had our Media Noche and a family viewing after. And yes, we had a countdown at home. We all waited for the clock to strike 12 as we  counted from 10 down to Happy New Year! My husband led the prayer before meals. We ALL had wine and paired it with some cheese and cold cuts. We watched and listened to the fireworks of our neighbors. My eldest son took care of our loud music (which I super enjoyed! Haha). We chatted, laughed and ate. A family viewing completed it all. And all these happened at our humble home. Everybody was happy. Everyone was relaxed. A clean home, a healthy mind, and a renewed spirit. LESS IS MORE, INDEED!

A Blessed New Year to all! ♥


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