My Lenten Reads

“We don’t need to have just one favorite. We keep adding favorites. Our favorite book is always the book that speaks most directly to us at a particular stage in our lives. And our lives change. We have other favorites that give us what we most need at that particular time. But we never lose the old favorites. They’re always with us. We just sort of accumulate them.” — Lloyd Alexander

I like reading books. Though I wouldn’t really call myself a bookworm. But back in Grade School, I would read the Nancy Drew series.  I also remember reading some of those paper back books dealing with teenage lives and sweet love in High School (which I totally can’t recall the titles of those as of this writing 😦 ).  When I reached my twenties until before getting married, I would occasionally read novels. But when I got married and started having children, I found myself more drawn to reading magazines on parenting, cooking, and a little of fashion.  And slowly started reading and buying  self help books, inspirational books, cook books, parenting books, and the like.  Oh well, must be the age, or perhaps the change in status. But yes, I am now more inclined to reading those type of books. And I do enjoy it whenever I get to read them and have my “Me Time” whether it be at home, at a bookstore, or coffee shop.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.  Inquirer Moments by F. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD. The Mustard Seed by Joseph Galdon, S.J.

These are some of the books that have been with me for a long time. And so glad that I was able to keep them. All were given to me by people close to my heart. I treasure these books. And each one has helped me in different ways. I don’t get tired reading them again and again.  They’ve kept me sane, grounded, positive, productive and prayerful. And this Lenten Season, they will be part of my daily reading as I do my daily reflection.


I DECLARE by Joel Osteen. My Prayer Book from Keeping Life Simple by Karen Levine.

Another set of books from last year and this year. One was given by my husband and the two were from friends. God bless their generosity and thoughtfulness. And these will also keep me company in this Season of Lent.

I don’t really mean to read all of these books only because it is Lent. And I know that I will not be able to finish each book all in the span of 40 days. But I know that whichever book I will be able to read, it will help me to slow down, be reminded of the true meaning of Lent, to stay focused and not lose sight of who I am and to listen to whatever He will gently whisper to me as I read a book or two.

How about you, what are your Lenten Reads?

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2 Responses to My Lenten Reads

  1. Easter Bunny says:

    Check out a good Lenten Read. A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story. Here is the link.

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