Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano


Good Life. As what Google Translate says of Buona Vita.

When we were thinking of where to dine after our son’s confirmation, Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano was on top of our list.  And sure glad we did choose that place.

The servers were attentive to our needs. The place was cozy enough to have a good conversation with  my son, my husband, and our son’s ninong. The food that we ordered didn’t disappoint us. And I must say that overall, we had a good dining experience.

Try visiting the place if you are in Alabang area. And experience good food at Buona Vita.


We were served with a complimentary  basket of assorted bread. My son finished all the bread sticks. And they gladly refilled our basket. 🙂


The bread comes with pesto sauce  and chopped tomatoes.


The Pasta Marinara (Mixed Seafood in Tomato Sauce) was good. You can actually see and taste the shrimp, squid, and the clams (unlike in other restaurants where you only see a piece of shrimp on top and have to dig deep to just find another piece of squid). The sauce wasn’t overpowering. Just right for me.


My son ordered Pollo Alla Valdostana (Chicken breast stuffed with ham and mozzarella cheese). I didn’t get to taste this. But my son enjoyed his meal and said that the chicken was tender. My husband, being a cheese lover, adored it!


They also have Spanish Cuisine in their menu. And we heard that the former staff (including the chef/cook) of Minggoy’s Restaurant are now with them. My husband is a fan of Minggoy’s so he ordered their Paella Marinera.  I was already full (having finished my plate of pasta) but the aroma of the Paella was so inviting. I tried it,  and true enough, it tasted like Minggoy’s Paella.  It  was so delicious!  The individual serving was even big enough to share with two more persons.

We left the restaurant with happy tummies.  We’ll definitely be back and their pizza will then be in my “to order” list.

Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano is at the Molito Lifestyle Building in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

You can visit their Facebook Page here.

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7 Responses to Buona Vita Ristorante Italiano

  1. RACQUEL says:

    Do they have a specialty, Ginnie?

    • amomofthree says:

      Racquel, basically pizza, pasta and paella. The Pasta Marinara is one of their bestsellers as I was told by the one attending to us. Their pizza is also good, we just didn’t order one. We were also told that their paella is their bestseller.:)

    • Pizza bestseller : Cinque formaggi (5 Cheese)
      Pasta: Marinara or Pesto
      Ravioli: Tartufo (mushrooms and black truffels
      Meet: Ossobucco Milanese (beef chunk with risotto)
      Chicken: Polio Cacciatora (Chicken with olives and chilies)
      Pallea’s are bestseller in our Spanish section
      Dessert: Home made Gelato, Mango Jubilee and Chocolate Lava Cake
      Buona Vita Management

  2. Remie says:

    Looking at Paella Marinera makes me drool! It’s been a while since I had it.

  3. Will try it one time when we are in Alabang. Thanks, Ginnie!

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