♥ Imagine, Stick, and Create! ♥


♫♪ Isn’t she lovely ♫♪ Isn’t she wonderful ♫♪ Oh, I can go on singing this song while looking at these tapes. And they are no ordinary tapes, they are WASHI TAPES!

My love affair with these tapes started fourth quarter of  last year (2012). I so adore them that they were one of my best buddies in my crafty life during the Christmas Season.  I’ve used them in most of the stuff I did for my Christmas gifts. And to even nourish my love for it, I attended a workshop organized by   Craft Mnl  entitled, Giftwrapping session + Washi jewelry making.  The workshop was conducted by Mansy of  Hey Kessy.

It was my first time to attend a  craft workshop of this kind.  And I must say that it was a good first.  Mariel of Craft Mnl was so accommodating. And Mansy was just perfect to be a workshop facilitator.  It was my  second time (the first was just a Hi/Hello sort of thing) to meet her but I easily felt comfortable talking to her. Such a pleasant personality she has. Very organized and you can sense her dedication to her craft. I arrived at  the venue a little early and the place was already all dressed up.  And as soon as she saw me, she welcomed me with all smiles and we started sharing and exchanging notes.  I felt the sincerity in her.  Something I am very particular with whenever I talk to a person. It wasn’t the typical  “sweet personality”  that is just temporary because she is selling or advertising something. I felt and would like to believe that she is inherently good and with no pretensions at all.

The workshop was very casual.  The participants were all in a long table side by side with the organizer and the facilitator.  As soon as Mansy finished explaining some stuff, all of us were easily transported into a world of “creativity”.  Everybody was busy. And with  soothing music playing at the background, some chit-chats with one another, and snacking on yummy cheese balls (I didn’t get to take photos of the food..aarrgh! but they were good…promise! ☺) , creative juices just kept flowing.

workshop table

Photo courtesy of Craft Mnl

Long table with all the craft materials scattered for everyone to use


Photo courtesy of Craft Mnl

That’s me consulting talking to Mansy ☺

Photo courtesy of Craft Mnl

Photo courtesy of Craft Mnl

Group picture after the workshop

It truly was a wonderful afternoon.  A crafty moment  to end the year 2012 sticking together the washi way!

Here are a few of the stuff I’ve made using washi tapes.  So many uses. Just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless! Crafty, crafty December it was for me. And I absolutely had fun!

Feel Beautiful coaster Not a paper cup coaster Coasters in sets of five. Gave them as Christmas gifts to friends.

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There are no rules. Just Imagine, then start Sticking, and you will be Creating in no time. Go on, try it, and you will see how fun it is to be sticking the washi way!

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9 Responses to ♥ Imagine, Stick, and Create! ♥

  1. RACQUEL says:

    Ginnie, Arielle also joined a workshop by Craft MNL…bookbinding. That’s also what she gave as gifts last Christmas 🙂 A blog post on that is still a draft. Let’s attend a workshop together one time!

  2. Remie says:

    Patience is a virtue…It looks interesting, easy and fun to do, Ginnie. I just don’t have the patience. Those pendants look cool and unique!!! Btw, what are “washi tapes”?

    • amomofthree says:

      Hi, Ate Alot! Washi tape is a masking tape made of rice paper. It comes in different designs/patterns and pretty colors. It is usually translucent. Easy to stick and easy to remove. Perfect for arts and craft (and practically anything). 🙂

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  4. aphazia says:

    Hi there! Nice blog! I love washi tapes too, hope to bump into you in future craft sessions! 🙂

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